Content Management Systems

Maintaining your website involves more than just paying hosting fees and keeping your fingers crosses that your static site draws in visitors. All websites need changes sometimes and with a proper Content Management System those changes are made much easier.

Using a Content Management System or CMS gives you the control to make almost any update or changes to your website, without having to know complicated programming. Changing the content on your site can be as easy as editing text in your favorite word processing program.

Content Management Systems

Content and images can be added, deleted or modified from any location where you have internet access.

Content Management Systems provide expandability and customization for your website and puts the power in your hands so you don’t have to call a programmer every time you need a simple change to your website.

We specialize in several tried and tested Content Management Systems for our clients. You’ll be amazed at the simplicity, ease-of-use, and flexibility to adapt to your changing needs these systems bring to the table.

After setting up your Content Management System and designing your website we will thoroughly train you and your staff on how to make changes to your website.

A major use of the internet is on-line shopping and this can be arranged so that you can sell your products or services directly to your customers.

Development services include Responsive B2C Website Design, Responsive B2B Website Design, E-Commerce Websites, Social Media Integration and Search Engine Optimisation.

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